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XcTimeChecker Cross-country


Like cross-country skiing, I started with constant time lag and checked it in the time to the specific spot, and told a contestant about a difference in the time with the top player and made pace distribution for the purpose of directing it. I think that I can show enough power in an elementary school, the meeting of the junior high school level in this version. For parents love my child (^_^)Please download because there is a Pro version that has been upgraded to a new version in this version
☆ tablet and smartphone that I got of the operation check Nexus7 (2013), GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02D, ASUS TX201LA、Xperia Tablet Z SO-03EGALAXY SC-03D, SC-02C、freetel MIYABI
☆ operating instructions ■ [screen configuration (all three screens) Registration and selection of 1) Event set 2) Start list . Time check . Result 3) Bib entry
---------------------------------- 1) Event set----------------------------------Please tap the line of interest if you call the competition has already been set from the event.① Press and hold the "font"Example) 4 inchi Smartphone - > 13 7 inches tablet - > 23※ Please change the size to match the environment
② SizeUp The big characters③ SizeDown The small characters④ Classification List⑤ Start of the competition time⑥ First Bib Number Default[1]⑦ Last Bib Number Default[50]⑧ Interval Default[15]⑨ Runner number Default[1]⑩ SetUp
----------------------------------2) Start list . Time check . Result----------------------------------Is measured by tapping
① Name② Bib③ Start time④ Time (Clear the lap time by doing a long press)⑤ Rank⑥ LagT (Delay time from top time)⑦ LagP (Time lag with the previous rank)
-------------------------------------------3) Bib entry . Time check-------------------------------------------The time measurement by bib input / search a measurement result
Entry Screen① Bib② Record③ Search
Result① Rank② Name③ Bib④ LagT (Delay time from top time)⑤ Time Lag (Time lag with the thyme which I measured)--------------------------------------------------